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Triskelion Yarn is on Etsy for the EU

The good news is we can start selling to our European customers again via Etsy!  The very complicated EU VAT rules meant that we had to stop selling to the EU a while back which felt like a terrible loss, as we have many loyal customers and friends across Europe.

But it looks like we have found a way round that by selling via Etsy, who handle all of the tax arrangements, so customers can just pay a tax-inclusive price as normal. Our listings aren’t quite as elaborate and detailed – we’ve had to edit the fabulous Triskelion colourway names – but this feels like a small price to pay.

EU customers – If you’ve seen the perfect skein on the Triskelion website and it doesn’t appear to be on the Etsy site, let us know and we’ll either help you find it, or put it there if it’s missing!

You can find us here or by searching for ‘Triskelion Yarn’ on Etsy.

UK and US customers can also buy from there as well, but the choice is a bit more limited, so the website is still the best option.

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