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Triskelion Rewards is a loyalty points system, just like Airmiles and other store/credit card type rewards, that gives you a discount on any future Triskelion products bought.

At the moment, it operates at roughly 5%, i.e. for every nineteen yarns you buy, you’ll get one yarn free. However, Triskelion Rewards can be cashed in at any time – when you go to the checkout to pay, it’ll give you the option of using your current balance against the order total. The product pages all show how many reward points you’ll get, and you can check how many reward points you currently have by going to the ‘View Rewards‘ page once you’ve logged in. Triskelion Rewards are redeemable against anything in the shop except for shipping.


  • You get around 75 Triskelion Rewards for the average skein of yarn
  • 100 Triskelion Rewards equate to £1

Anyone registering with Triskelion as a customer from now on will also get 100 points free (i.e. £1 off your first purchase from us if you want to cash your points in straight away) and, if you review any products you buy from us, you’ll get 20 points as a thank-you. If you’ve already registered and/or bought yarns or batts from me, I’ll be adding your points retrospectively, and if you’ve previously bought yarns and/or fibre from my Etsy shop, email me here with the details of what you’ve had, or your Etsy ID, and I’ll also give you the points for those.

If you have any questions, or if the system isn’t showing your correct balance, please do get in touch with me.



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