Soft Creamy White Alpaca Batts


A pair of soft creamy white drum-carded pure alpaca batts, 55g each, 110g combined (approx).
Perfect for wet felting, needle felting,  hand spinning, and other fibre crafts.
Can be custom dyed on request.

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A pair of soft creamy white drum-carded alpaca batts from our own herd here at Pistyll Gwyn Farm in West Wales. Perfect for wet felting, needle felting,  spinning into yarn, and probably other fibre crafts that we haven’t even dreamed of!

These beautiful cloud-like batts have been through the carder three times and can be blended with other fibres, dyed carefully or worked with simply as they come. With each batt a generous 55g, you can easily spin a 100g skein of yarn from the pair, or create a reasonable size sheet of felt (depending on the thickness of course).
Each batt is approximately 55cm x 25cm x 5cm.

Can be custom-dyed on request for £3.00 (both batts  – same colour) or £5.00 ( each batt – different colour).

The fibre has been carefully washed, but there may still be the odd small particle of vegetable matter.