Lludd DK (organic Merino)


A soft, springy and glossy organically farmed South American Merino DK.

Each 100 gram skein of Lludd DK is approximately 225 metres of yarn.

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Lludd DK is a beautifully squidgy, springy and bouncy yarn, as you’d expect from Merino, but because it hasn’t been superwash treated and coated with polymers, you get to experience the wonderful true handle of Merino fibre: still lusciously next-to-skin soft, but with a slight ‘tooth’ and velvety tactile character. The shine and brightness of the unadulterated fibre yields a superb depth of colour, and I’ve come up with a palette of luminous semi-solid colourways to take advantage of that.

Lludd isn’t superwash treated, so it needs a hand-wash with gentle detergent in tepid to warm water in order to prevent felting and to keep the colours looking their best.



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